Finding A Non-Invasive Solution to Sciatica in Chiropractic

It can be frightening to wake up with pain radiating down your legs. You lie in bed and wait for it to go away, thinking it’s all due to the slightly awkward position you slept in. Yet the pain doesn’t fade, and as you try to get up, you feel your knees giving out as if you’d spent the whole…

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What is Causing Your Shoulder Pain & How Chiropractic Can Help

Shoulder Pain

Did you know that the shoulder joint has a range of movement wider than any other part of our body? It is the single most flexible joint in the musculoskeletal system, but that versatility comes with a price: it is also extremely susceptible to injuries. It is therefore no surprise that shoulder pain is as common as it is. Like…

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Why You Should Consult a Chiropractor For Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Did you know that lower back pain is the most common reason for chiropractic visits? Yet most people view chiropractic treatment as a last resort to turn to only when traditional options are exhausted. Contrary to popular belief, there is actually solid literature support for the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment in addressing lower back pain. In fact, most published guidelines…

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A Drug-Free Answer to Neck Pain: Chiropractic

Most of us are familiar with neck pain and would have experienced it at least several times throughout our lives, some more than the others. Perhaps all that extra hours you’re clocking in for that big project is taking its toll on you, or maybe you’ve slept wrong the night before and woke up with your neck stiff and sore….

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What is Chiropractic?


Chiropractic is a health care profession that deals with the disorders of human musculoskeletal system and the effects these disorders can have on the nervous system as well as general health. Chiropractors, also called chiropractic physicians, provide a hands-on, natural approach to correcting these disorders without the use of drugs and surgical procedures. While spinal adjustment – commonly referred to…

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