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As the name suggests, Aligned is a healthcare center that cares about your alignment. Your spinal alignment is very important as it can lead to many problems in health if it’s not properly aligned. While people are more aware of the importance of exercising and having a healthy diet, not many people are aware of the importance of a good spinal alignment.

Even with the awareness of exercising, having a healthy diet, and even chiropractic care, the problem arises when there is no health care centre that links these three important components together.

Inspired by the above predicament, the founder of Aligned, Dr.Daniel Tan, a Gonstead Chiropractor who is also experienced in fitness training, has gathered a team of professionals to help patients improve their health with the fundamental care.

Our Team at Aligned is committed to providing you with the most complete, effective and safe care.

Very Specific And Thorough Technique

Gonstead Chiropractic

The Gonstead System of Chiropractic is a very specific and thorough technique for assessing and correcting the spine. Named after its founder, Dr Clarence Gonstead, a mechanical engineer, Gonstead Chiropractic is a safe and gentle technique suitable for everyone from infants to the elderly.

Dr Gonstead identified the safest and most efficient way to correct spinal dysfunction whilst respecting the body’s natural movements and functions. He created a system of assessment and correction that makes the least number of corrections with the greatest results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best pain management solution by improving your spinal health via Gonstead Chiropractic system. Our team of Chiropractic doctors are committed to providing you the highest quality of healthcare services accompanied with the compassion, excellence and professionalism that you deserve.

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